Apparel and clothing

Textile and garment or apparel inspections can take place at any stage of production, as requested by the buyers; These can include carton drop tests, needle damages, seam slippage, color shading test, or humidity content. Enhance product excellence through our precise product quality control inspection.

Typically, there are:

  • First inline production inspections, which are performed at the start of production when first production output of style of garments is inspected; to distinguish discrepancies or variation and to do necessary corrections to be made bulk production. This type of inspection is done at a preliminary stage of manufacturing of a style covering style detail, general appearance, workmanship, measurements, fabric quality, trims and components, lot colors and sizes, printing, labelling, embroidered embellishments and washing quality.
  • Second line Production Inspections, which are performed during production to ensure initial discrepancies have been corrected and rectified. This inspection is a follow-up of the first inline production inspection and is conducted following first line inspections when discrepancies have been detected earlier on.
  • Final Random Inspections, which are conducted when the production of the total quantity of an order or partial delivery is completed. A sample lot will be selected from the order and a percentage of the garments will be inspected; this percentage usually being stipulated by the buyer. Again, the buyer can specify the AQL sampling inspection levels.

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