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Drone Inspections

Drone inspections, also known as aerial inspections, use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to capture high-resolution images and data of structures, buildings, and infrastructure.

Drones are equipped with cameras, sensors, and other advanced technology, allowing them to access hard-to-reach areas and capture data from multiple angles. The captured data is then analyzed to identify potential safety hazards, maintenance issues, and structural defects.

Drone inspections are commonly used in industries such as construction, energy, and infrastructure, where traditional inspection methods can be time-consuming and expensive.

They provide a faster, safer, and more cost-effective way to inspect structures, and can even detect issues that might not be visible to the naked eye. 

With Inspexion's unique marketplace offering we can get you a quote from an inspector with the right equipment, licensing and software to do your drone inspection. Our network is rated as the largest inspections network in the world, which means you can get the expert you need for your inspections. The advantage continues as you have the function to choose deadlines for quotes, inspections, and reports. This gives you control over timelines, and coordinating the inspection with the logistics is now easier than ever. 

If you're looking for an drone inspection expert to do an inspection, create your account now and post an RFI, get multiple quotes and get the inspection done by your deadline.

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