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“Over the years, we've established a global database of industry experts. They will give you their best offer and carry out your inspection job at the best rate!”

S.Sakoschek, CEO

About us

Following years of research, planning, and development, a team of seasoned inspection veterans incorporated Inspectforless Ltd in 2020, to develop the “Inspexion.” Brand. is a B2B inspection marketplace, and a revolutionary way of matching requests for inspections and inspection professionals worldwide. With a regularly updated list of pre-screened Inspection companies and freelance "seasoned" Inspection professionals across the globe, this "inspectors on demand" platform is already considered by many as the "Uber” of the inspection industry.

There are over 8000 #inspection and #qualitycontrol companies worldwide, all ready to compete and perform the very same job at lightning speed and for a fraction of the price of what institutional players would charge. Inspection rates can vary between USD 80.00 to USD 800.00 for the very same job, depending on which company conducts the work, and how close their inspector may be to the actual inspection site. More often than not, larger companies will in fact subcontract the work to smaller local outfits or freelancers, use the inspection findings on their own document formats, then apply multiplying factors when invoicing their clients, with little or no value-add. And all this can take up to 30 days or more before the client actually gets a report.

The (now) obvious solution?, an online B2B inspection marketplace: Post only one request for inspection online, get multiple all-inclusive quotes within minutes, pay by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal, view or download your report, done. Everything you’d expect from a lightning quick marketplace.

Professionals only was established by a team of industry veterans who have been involved with quantity and quality inspections, testing, conformity assessments, and certification related services, since the early nineties. Firmly grounded by its network and international trade roots, is now an international player thanks to its commitment to bringing the global supply chain up to date, with a specific focus on competitive speed and cost efficiencies in the TIC industry.


Lightning quick

You need a fast and cost effective inspection done on the other end of the world or just up the road? Just post it! We've built a database of inspectors and auditors worldwide who will give you their best offer to carry out the job at the best rate! You are an inspector or auditor and are ready to perform jobs in your vicinity? We've got thousands of clients and users worldwide ready to ask you for a quote! network of expert inspection companies and auditors extends globally. The Executive Management team directing has a cumulative 100 years experience within the inspection, testing, audit, and certification industry; this has allowed the company to develop into the international marketplace it is today.

Best value for money

Supported by its extensive global footprint arround the world, remains true to its driving force and core focus - the fastest turnaround time, the best service at the best price, industry innovation and staff development.

At, we strive to build and maintain partnerships with clients, suppliers and employees, who are the fundamental building blocks of our success.

 We've based our disruptive marketplace on the best and latest technology and most competent staff in order to provide the fastest turnaround time and best service for clients worldwide. Consider us your proactive service partner within your own supply chain, and not just another service provider.


Who are we ?

Senior Management

A team of pros

Whether they originate from the TIC industry, Finance, IT, Operations, Marketing, Customer Success or Design, each team member was hand picked. Every single one has an established track record, and has proven to be at the top of his or her game. This arrangement of experts has culminated into providing the optimal supply chain optimization solution.



Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Michel Marnoto


Chief Commercial Officer



Chief Financial Officer



Chief Operating Officer



Chief Technology Officer

Adrian Ashton


Chief Marketing Officer

Avinash Rai Kallee

Avinash Rai

Head of Customer Success
Management (CSM)



Head of Design

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