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Limited access inspections is an effective method for assessing the condition and safety of hard-to-reach structures and facilities, let Inspexion connect you to an expert. 


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Limited Access inspections

Limited access inspections involve physically accessing areas that are difficult or dangerous to reach, such as rooftops, confined spaces, or high-rise buildings. This type of inspection requires specialized equipment, training, and safety protocols to ensure the safety of inspectors. Limited access inspections are often necessary for assessing the condition and safety of structures and equipment, and are commonly used in industries such as construction, infrastructure, and energy. Inspectors may use tools such as scaffolding, ropes, or harnesses to access these areas, and may need to be trained in specialized skills such as industrial climbing or confined space entry. The collected data from limited access inspections can help identify potential hazards, maintenance issues, and structural defects, allowing for timely and effective repairs and maintenance.

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