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Procuring exact parts, spares, and equipment while managing logistics is what you do, providing inspection quotes, connecting you to inspectors across the globe, and reporting to your specifications is what we do. 

Get a pre-shipment inspection done before you send out your shipment of much-needed equipment to a remote location. Avoid delays and production hold-ups by getting your pre-shipment inspection done on any order that you placed. Making sure that your Rigs are all running to the highest level. 

Part of your day-to-day as a procurement officer, especially when it comes to large geographic footprints, is to manage procurement timelines to co-inside with shipping and delivery times to your platforms. To this end, Inspexion can help as we are the fastest way to get quotes and book an inspection anywhere in the world. We are also the most cost-efficient platform for inspections available.  

Keep your land-based and offshore rigs in the best performing condition, and get a thorough inspection and report on anything -from your drill bit to the personal protective equipment for your personnel to the food and produce needed, before you ship it out.  

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Why choose us to get your pre-shipment inspections?

  • You don't have to search for inspectors. We save you time as we have a global footprint with hundreds of inspectors waiting for your requests.
  • You are not at the mercy of the industry. You are in full control of the process with tools like defining the timeframe for inspections, assigning deadlines for the report submissions.
  • You are not limited. You can appoint multiple inspectors in multiple countries to inspect multiple specifications.
  • Experts at your fingertips. Our inspectors have experience and proven track records with pre-shipment inspections.
  • Global reach. Any industry, any product, anywhere, anytime, has you covered.

Be sure and use our global database of professionals to get an inspection at your supplier's location before you purchase or ship!

At, we provide a variety of inspection quotes for factory audits and pre-shipment inspections, so that you know exactly what you're getting every time you make a purchase. We pride ourselves on being the quickest and most cost-effective way for you to get the right inspections done for your imports. Simply sign up and post a request for services and our network of qualified inspectors will bid for your project. Select the quote that suits your budget and timeframe and an experienced inspector will examine your shipment and send you a report in your chosen time frame - it's never been easier to ensure your shipments quality. 


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