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Aviation parts inspections.

Specialist inspection needs specialist platforms.

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Inspexion is a digital platform that connects customers who need aviation parts inspections with qualified inspectors around the world. We can arrange remote inspections if a specific skillset is required but not available on-site. This allows customers to easily obtain quotes for inspections and access a wider pool of inspectors, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.


Aviation Spare Parts Inspections

Aviation spare parts inspections involve examining various spare parts and components used in aircraft maintenance and repair to ensure their quality, safety, and reliability. These inspections are typically carried out by qualified inspectors who have expertise in the specific type of parts being inspected.

The inspection process may involve a visual inspection to identify any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion on the spare parts. Additionally, inspectors may use non-destructive testing techniques to detect any internal defects or faults that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Aviation spare parts inspections are crucial to ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft, as faulty or defective spare parts can compromise the performance and safety of an aircraft. Inspections are typically conducted in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements, and may be required on a regular basis to ensure that the spare parts meet safety and quality standards.

In some cases, remote inspections may be used to inspect spare parts that are located in different parts of the world or that require specific expertise that may not be available on-site. This can be done through the use of advanced technologies such as video conferencing and remote sensing tools.

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Inspexion has gathered over 3000 SME inspection providers under one roof, easily contracted through our online platforms. The need to search for individual regional inspection companies or inspection expertise is over, the need to individually contact and request quotes are over.

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If you are looking for an aviation parts inspection, chances are that we have an inspector local to that area. We also cover skills and accreditation's on our platform thereby assuring your inspections will be to the technical specifications needed.

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Only professional outfits are registered on our platform. Vetted and screened, so you don't get any nasty surprises when selecting your quality control provider!


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Our inspectors are capable of receiving remote instruction, and guidance during specialized inspections. Ensuring that we meet required specifications.


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You have control over the timeline including the quote deadline, the inspection date and the date of the report. Allowing  your inspections to seamlessly integrate into your logistics.

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