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Our network of over 165 000 inspectors worldwide can get you a quick-look inspection quote - rapid visual inspection and report in the quickest time.

Commonly Requested Quick Look Inspections Include:


Quick Look - Construction

Looking to get a quick visual confirmation of progress or safety on a construction site?


Quick Look - House

Looking to get a quick visual inspection of a property or residential home?


Quick Look - Purchase

Looking to get a quick visual inspection of a purchase, from cars to tech?

Quick Look Inspections

Quick Look inspections are a type of visual inspection process used in various industries to quickly assess the condition, quality, or compliance of a product, system, or facility. This inspection method involves a rapid and cursory examination, typically performed by trained professionals, to identify any obvious issues or deviations from the desired standards. 

This method is particularly useful in situations where a detailed inspection is not feasible due to time constraints, limited resources, or the need for immediate decision-making. It serves well as a preliminary assessment tool and is useful for quickly flagging potential problems that require further investigation or action.

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