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I. Introduction

When you use Inspexion.com, you trust us with your personal data. Inspexion is a brand of  Inspectforless Ltd (IFL). We’re committed to keeping that trust. That starts with helping you  understand our privacy practices. 

This notice describes the personal data we collect, how it’s used and shared, and your choices  regarding this data. We recommend that you read this along with our privacy overview, which  highlights key points about our privacy practices. 


II. Overview

A. Scope

This notice applies to users of IFL’s services anywhere in the world, including users of IFL’s apps,  websites, features, or other services. 

This notice describes how IFL and its affiliates collect and use personal data. This notice applies to  all users of our apps, websites, features, or other services anywhere in the world, unless covered  by a separate privacy notice, such as the IFL Privacy Policy (see below). This notice specifically  applies to: 

Buyers: individuals who request or receive inspection reports, including those who receive  inspection reports requested by another buyer or person or business. 

Inspectors: individuals who provide inspections to Buyers individually or through partner  inspection companies 

This notice also governs IFL’s other collections of personal data in connection with its services. For  example, we may collect the contact information of individuals who use accounts owned by IFL for  Business customers, or of owners or employees of inspection companies; personal data of those  who start but do not complete applications to be Inspectors; or other personal data in connection  with our mapping technology and features. 

All those subject to this notice are referred to as “users” in this notice. 

In addition, please note the following: 

For users in Argentina: The Public Information Access agency, in its role of Regulating Body of Law  25.326, is responsible for receiving complaints and reports presented by any data subjects who  believe their rights have been impacted by a violation of the local data protection regulation.

For users in Brazil: Information regarding IFL’s privacy practices required under Brazil’s General  Data Protection Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados - LGPD) is available upon request. 

For California users: Information regarding IFL’s privacy practices related to the California  Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is available upon request. 

For users in Colombia: This notice also applies for the lessors and lessees. For the purposes of this  notice, lessors will be considered Inspectors and lessees will be considered Buyers.  

For users in Mexico: Information regarding IFL’s privacy practices required under Mexico’s Mexican  Personal Data Protection Law (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los  Particulares) is available upon request. 

For users in Nigeria: IFL does not process the personal data of users in Nigeria for purposes of the  legitimate interests of IFL or other parties. Instead, IFL processes such personal data on the  grounds that it is necessary to fulfill our obligations to users under our Terms of Use or other  agreements with users, or based on users’ consent. 

For Guest Users: The personal data of those who order or receive inspection reports, via partner  websites or apps (such as when ordering from a partner website), or arranged by other account  owners (collectively “Guest Users”) is used solely to provide such inspections and reports or other  services requested through a third party, and for purposes of safety and security, customer  support, research and development, enabling communication between users, and in connection  with legal proceedings and requirements, each as described in “How we use personal data” below.  Guest User personal data may be shared with third parties for these purposes. Such data may be  associated with, and accessible by, the owner of that account. This specifically includes Guest  Users who receive inspections/reports ordered by owners of Business accounts, or who receive  inspection reports ordered by friends, family members or others. To submit questions, comments  or complaints regarding Guest User data, or to submit requests regarding such data, please  contact info@inspexion.com. 

Our practices are subject to applicable laws in the places in which we operate. This means that we  engage in the practices described in this notice in a particular country or region only if permitted  under the laws of those places. Please contact us here or through the addresses below with any  questions regarding our practices in a particular country or region.

B. Data controller and transfer

IFL’s has an internal data controller or data protection officer (DPO) for the personal data collected  in connection with use of IFL’s services in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and  Switzerland. 

IFL’s DPO. is the data controller for the personal data collected in connection with use of IFL’s  services everywhere else.

IFL operates, and processes business and personal data, globally. The exercise of data protection  rights can be directed at the DPO mentioned above, preferably via the designated channels 

(ops@inspexion.com), and will be handled by IFL as a group. We may also transfer such data to  countries other than the one where our users live or use IFL’s services.  

We do so in order to fulfill our agreements with users, such as our Terms and Conditions, or based  on users’ prior consent, adequacy decisions for the relevant countries, or other transfer  mechanisms as may be available under applicable law, such as the Standard Contractual Clauses. Questions, comments, and complaints about IFL’s data practices can be submitted to ops@inspexion.com

III. Data collections and uses

A. The data we collect

IFL collects personal and business data: 

  • Provided by users to IFL, such as during account creation
  • Created during use of our services, such as location, app usage, and device data • from other sources, such as other users or account owners, business partners, vendors.