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First Time requesting an Inspection, or just looking for new inspection options on your imports?

Like all industries guided by regulations inspections can seem highly technical, unapproachable, and only for professionals. With all the industry-specific acronyms like IPC, DUPRO, PSI, CLC, and PM, it can be challenging to understand what is required, how to get started, and whom to contact.

Not wanting to make a costly mistake in getting an inspection that isn't what you needed, or feeling like a fool for not understanding this highly specialized sector. But you still need an inspection! You need to start somewhere, we got you!

Understanding the Jargon

This is where - the world's first inspections marketplace, make it accessible and quick. We are a user-friendly platform for requesting inspections.

After you register, you fill in an easy-to-use form and get multiple quotes from professional inspectors and QC companies in the area of our inspection needs.

Best of all we have great online support with a WhatsApp support number and a Customer Success team to guide you through your requests.

It is not your job to understand everything about inspections, so why waste your time trying to understand a whole industry just use us.

Be it a Pre-Purchase, a Pre-shipment or a Container opening, we have over 3,000 inspectors waiting to help you with your request.

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Our team is here to give you advice when you most need it.

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Whether you're a seasoned buyer, procurement manager, supply chain manager, category manager, manufacturer, Amazon reseller, retailer, or a once-off buyer, we have a team of customer service experts to answer your questions and take you through every step of the process when you most need us. 24/7.


Oh, just a note on the acronyms:

IPC – Initial Production Check  - They will look at things like the raw materials something is going to be made of

DUPRO – During Production Inspection - Will conduct an inspection while the products are being made

PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection - Before you ship they will look at things like quality and quantity - make sure everything is to your order

CLC – Container Loading Check - Will check if what you want is on the container

PM – Production Monitoring - Constant quality checking

not that you need it, with 🙌

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