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Upstream, midstream and downstream...

Oil and gas and petrochemical inspections take place all along the supply chain. From checking oil rigs to meter reading and fuel tank dipping, if you’ve heard the terms upstream, midstream and downstream, then you’ll probably already know what we’re referring to. If not, this is a quick overview, as they’re all related parts of the same industry:

  • Upstream: Refers to everything relative to sourcing the origin and eventual production of crude oil, from geologic and seismologic surveys to exploration and drilling, and offshore oil rigs.
  • Midstream: The Midstream segment refers to anything relative to the transport and distribution of the crude products and gas before they get refined, such as pipelines, tankers, rail tanks.
  • Downstream: The last segment, and the one with which we are most familiar as consumers, as it involves refineries and turning crude product into finished products for consumers, for the maritime, aeronautical or building industries. We eventually go to the gas station to fill up our tanks, but rarely know that over 2000 inspections have taken place between the time fossil fuel and gas have risen to the surface, and the time we fill up our tank!

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