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Mystery Shopping Market Research

Mystery shopping is a market research technique used by companies to evaluate the quality of their products or services from a customer's perspective. It involves hiring individuals, known as mystery shoppers or secret shoppers, to pose as regular customers and interact with a company's employees or purchase its products/services. The main goal is to gather unbiased and objective feedback on various aspects of the customer experience.


Here's how mystery shopping typically works:

Selection: Mystery shoppers are chosen based on specific demographic criteria such as age, gender, or other relevant characteristics that align with the company's target customer profile.

  • Assignment: Mystery shoppers are assigned specific tasks, such as purchasing a product, asking questions, making complaints, or evaluating specific aspects of the customer experience.
  • Guidelines: Mystery shoppers receive detailed instructions on what to observe, evaluate, and report back. These guidelines include specific questions, scenarios, or performance metrics that the company wants to assess.
  • Evaluation: Mystery shoppers visit the designated locations or interact with the company's representatives while discreetly observing and documenting their experiences. They pay attention to factors like employee behavior, product quality, cleanliness, response time, adherence to company policies, and overall customer service.
  • Reporting: After completing the assigned tasks, mystery shoppers provide detailed feedback in the form of a report. This report typically includes objective observations, subjective opinions, and specific recommendations based on their experiences. They may also be required to provide supporting evidence such as receipts or photos.
  • Analysis and Action: The company receiving the mystery shopping reports analyzes the findings to identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement. The feedback helps them make informed decisions, enhance employee training, improve service quality, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Mystery shopping benefits both companies and customers. For companies, it provides valuable insights into their operations, identifies areas for improvement, and helps maintain consistent service standards. Customers benefit from improved service quality, as companies strive to deliver better experiences based on the feedback they receive.

It's important to note that mystery shopping should be conducted ethically and without deceiving or causing harm to employees or customers. Mystery shoppers should follow guidelines, maintain confidentiality, and provide honest and objective feedback to ensure the integrity of the process.


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Methods used by inspectors:

Methods used by inspectors in mystery shopping inspections can vary depending on the specific requirements of the assignment and the industry in question. However, here are some common methods employed by inspectors during their evaluations: 

  • In-person visits: Inspectors physically visit the business location and interact with employees to assess the quality of customer service, product knowledge, and compliance with company standards.
  • Phone calls: Inspectors make phone calls to businesses to evaluate aspects such as response time, professionalism, and the ability to handle customer inquiries or complaints.
  • Online interactions: Inspectors engage with businesses through their websites, social media platforms, or online chat systems to assess the responsiveness, helpfulness, and overall user experience of the online customer service channels.
  • Email inquiries: Inspectors send emails with specific queries to evaluate the promptness, accuracy, and professionalism of the business's email communication.
  • Purchases: Inspectors make actual purchases of products or services to assess the entire customer journey, including the sales process, product quality, packaging, and after-sales support.
  • Return or exchange scenarios: Inspectors may initiate return or exchange requests to evaluate how the business handles such situations, including the ease of the process, customer service, and adherence to return policies.
  • Compliance checks: Inspectors ensure that businesses comply with specific regulations, legal requirements, or industry standards, such as age verification for alcohol or tobacco sales, food safety protocols, or data privacy practices.
  • Observation and documentation: Inspectors keenly observe and document various aspects, including employee behaviour, store cleanliness, product placement, signage, and any deviations from company policies or standard operating procedures.
  • Mystery shopping apps or software: Some inspectors utilize specialized apps or software that enable them to provide real-time reports, capture photos, record audio, or complete predefined checklists during their visits or interactions.
  • Follow-up inquiries: Inspectors may follow up with the business after their initial interaction or visit to evaluate the responsiveness, problem resolution, or customer service provided post-transaction.

 By employing these methods, inspectors bring their attention to detail and objective evaluation skills to the table, enabling you, as a business owner, to gain valuable insights into the customer experience and pinpoint areas that require improvement. Through their meticulous assessments, inspectors provide you with comprehensive feedback that empowers you to enhance your operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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