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Inspexion is a unique online inspections marketplace. A network of verified, competent, and experienced inspectors and inspection companies, based in every city on earth. Local people that know their areas. Local people that speak their local language. Local people that don't have to travel far. Local experts.

If you're looking for an instant international network, inspexion is the key. Our platform gives you instant access to all the local resources while streamlining the whole inspection process.

So why not leverage this marketplace to your advantage?

If you are a QC company you can use inspexion as a job market,  but also leverage the instant international network it offers as a buyer. Your company cannot have a footprint across the world, especially for short term contracts and once off inspections.

Scenario 1

But you have a existing contract and the client needs an inspection where you don't have coverage? All you have to do is to create a buyer account - post a RFI and you can compare multiple quotes from local inspectors instantly, your account is private and any bid you choose  you know that the quote is from an experienced vetted professional - so you know you won't let your client down.

Scenario 2

You have  a highly technical inspection. Something your company has no experience with. Simply post the RFI and appoint a specialist that can guide you through the inspexion.

Leverage our marketplace to your advantage and get connected with qualified inspectors and inspection companies in every city on earth.

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