Important Service Update - To enhance our platform, we are currently undergoing maintenance. During this period, you may experience limited functionality as some features are temporarily downgraded. We are working diligently to restore full service and thank you for your patience. provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to help governments, customs, and national standards organisations protect the safety of imports and increase the efficacy of import duty collection. Our team of highly qualified companies and inspectors worldwide have the expertise to quickly provide inspection, certification, and shipment valuations for imported goods in order to ensure they meet safety and other standards.

The growth of globalization and international trade has created a greater need for governments to protect their local populations, businesses, and economies from potentially harmful imports. In order to achieve this, governments have put in place various measures to ensure product conformity on imported goods. This involves making sure that the products entering a country meet standards of safety and quality so as to protect citizens and industries from potential risks.
Inspection services are essential for verifying the conformity of imports with domestic standards. These inspections involve checking for compliance with safety regulations, quality assurance protocols, and any other requirements set forth by the government.
The goal is to ensure that foreign goods which do not meet specified criteria do not enter a country's market. By doing so, governments are able to limit the damage that could be caused by non-conforming imports while also protecting local producers. Inspection processes are also essential for protecting intellectual property rights from infringement or counterfeiting. Through detailed inspections conducted at ports of entry or departure, authorities are able to verify that products comply with applicable laws thus making sure any goods entering or leaving a country are authentic.

Why do Regulators choose offers a number of benefits that can help improve service delivery to importers with greater efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

Here are some of the advantages of partnering with

Reduced Tender Process

Easier to meet the rigorous requirements of its inspection tender processes while also providing a cost-effective solution to its users.

Reduced Reliance on large corporates 

Providing independent inspections to businesses of all sizes, reducing the dependency on large corporations while still delivering high-quality inspection services.

Ease of doing business

Help importers save time and money on their business operations. By streamlining the importing process, companies can minimize their costs and maximize their profits.

Centralised Documentation

Centralise all documentation, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to access accurate reports quickly and easily. Save time by having all the information needed in one centralised location.

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Having the Tech Edge

Accelerate your position at the forefront of business and technology. The opportunities that this system provides are unparalleled and set to revolutionise the way businesses operate in the digital era.


Designed to facilitate the assurance process in accordance with World Trade Organisation (WTO) standards and enable organisations to quickly and easily define, monitor and ensure compliance with WTO requirements.

Data Management

By harnessing the power of our reporting capabilities, you can get better visibility into your business and make smarter decisions faster

Reducing the carbon footprint

By using our platform to request quotes from multiple inspection companies through a single interface, facilitating the digital delivery of reports and localised inspection reporting, we are drastically reducing carbon emissions associated with inefficient traditional methods of communication.

Regain Control

By regaining control of the process, you can ensure that the standards of quality and safety are met when it comes to the importation of goods.  


Regain control and use our global database of professionals to get an inspection before shipment and verify the quality and quantity of imports. 

At, we can provide a white-label integration of our platform and customized registration forms to meet the regulations set by the authority. 

White labelling not only provides a seamless experience for users but also gives the Authority user recognition.

It also allows authorities to

1) pick and choose who they want to perform a pre-shipment inspection and

2) use the inspection reports to perform their own verification of conformity, in-house.

From's side, we pride ourselves on being the quickest and most cost-effective way for you to get the right inspections done.

An innovative solution for Authorities that want to take back control of their imports and implement regulations in real time  - it's never been easier to ensure your import's quality. 

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