Get an inspection quote to inspect your FMCG Hardware before it ships. With millions of products and over 900 suppliers in China alone your choice of supplier can be daunting. We can help you identify the best quality producers. With inspections ranging from manufacturing audits, CSR and SA8000 factory audits to simple pre-shipment verification. We can help you appoint inspectors to carry out any verification at the supplier's manufacturing or shipping site. All this in your defined timeline.

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Manufacturing Audits

A manufacturing audit is a complete profile of your potential supplier verifying the capability of the supplier to deliver to your production specifications.
This report would include: A factory profile, with a overview of production capacities, factory facilities, including condition of machinery and equipment, how the workflow is organized, organization charts and whether quality assurance systems are in place. This report should provide you with enough information to make an informed decision about your supplier.

3rd Party Inspection

A consumer goods inspection, also called a third-party inspection or TPI, is when an outside service checks to see if your purchases meet production specifications. This could include verification of authenticity, artisanship, measurements, labeling, packing specifications, expiry dates, or any other tests done on site that the buyer requires.

SA 8000 audit

An SA8000 audit is a social compliance audit that conducted to verify whether a supplier is operating in line with local labor laws and international norms related to social responsibility.


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