If you're an online reseller looking to ensure that your goods meet the highest quality standards, then you've come to the right place. At Inspexion.com, we specialize in providing top-notch pre-shipment inspection services that help you avoid costly mistakes and keep your customers satisfied.

With Inspexion.com, you can rest assured that your goods will arrive at the warehouse in perfect condition, ready to be sold to your customers. Our inspections are affordable, reliable, and customizable, allowing you to choose the level of service that best fits your needs.

Here are some key aspects of book inspections related to book printing:

Prepress Inspections: Before printing begins, prepress inspections are conducted to review the design, layout, and formatting of the book. This involves checking for any issues with text alignment, font consistency, image resolution, color accuracy, and overall appearance. The goal is to identify and rectify any potential problems before the printing process begins.

Printing Press Inspections: Once the printing process begins, inspections are carried out at regular intervals to assess the quality of printed sheets. This includes checking for print clarity, color accuracy, ink coverage, registration (alignment of colors and elements), and any defects such as smudging, streaking, or misprints. Inspectors may use specialized tools such as loupe magnifiers or colorimeters to ensure the print quality meets the required standards.

Binding and Finishing Inspections: After the sheets are printed, they go through binding and finishing processes to transform them into complete books. Inspections are performed during these stages to ensure proper alignment of pages, accuracy of pagination, adherence to the specified binding method (e.g., perfect binding, saddle stitching, case binding), and overall finishing quality (e.g., lamination, foiling, embossing). Any defects or deviations are identified and addressed before the books are considered complete.

Final Inspections: Once the books are fully printed and bound, a final inspection is conducted to verify that all aspects of the book, including cover design, text, illustrations, and overall presentation, meet the desired standards. This involves a comprehensive review to ensure there are no remaining errors or defects. Inspectors may also check for any damages that occurred during the printing or binding process.

Quality Control Procedures: Book printing inspections are part of a broader quality control system. Publishers, printing companies, or independent quality control firms establish specific protocols and checklists to ensure consistent and reliable inspections. These procedures may include random sampling, statistical analysis, and adherence to industry standards such as ISO 12647 (which relates to printing and proofing).

Why Inspexion.com is the ultimate marketplace for pre-shipment inspections?

  • - You don't have to search for inspectors.
    We save you time as we have a global footprint with hundreds of inspectors waiting for your requests.

  • - You are not at the mercy of the industry.
    You are in full control of the process with tools like defining the timeframe for inspections and assigning deadlines for the report submissions.

  • - You are not limited.
    You can appoint multiple inspectors in multiple countries to inspect multiple specifications.

  • - Experts at your fingertips.
    Our inspectors have experience and proven track records, inspecting suppliers and products with pre-shipment and during-production inspections available.

  • - Global reach.
    Any industry, any product, anywhere, anytime, inspexion.com has you covered.


Before you list, use our online global database of professionals to get an inspection at your supplier's location before, during or after production to verify you get what you paid for. 

At Inspexion.com, we provide a variety of inspection quotes for product imports, so that you know exactly what you're getting every time you make a purchase. We pride ourselves on being the quickest and most cost-effective way for you to get the right inspections done for your imports. Simply sign up and post a request for services and our network of qualified inspectors will bid for your project. Select the quote that suits your budget and timeframe and an experienced inspector will examine your order and send you a report in your chosen time frame - it's never been easier to ensure your imports quality. 


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