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Whether you’re an ISO 17065 global player, a regional, a domestic inspection company, a freelance quality pro, or you’re simply good at taking pictures or writing reports, you’re welcome to submit your application to become a registered vendor, all in 5 easy steps. Submit your application for review, and once approved, check out short or long term jobs you may want to bid for. Get alerts and submit bids directly from your phone!

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Global network of professionals. 

Inspexion is a unique online inspections marketplace. A network of verified, competent, and experienced inspectors and inspection companies, based in every city on earth. Local people that know their areas. Local people that speak their local language. Local people that don't have to travel far. Local experts.

If you're looking for an instant international network, inspexion is the key. Our platform gives you instant access to all the local resources while streamlining the whole inspection process.

So why not leverage this marketplace to your advantage?

If you are a QC company you can use inspexion as a job market,  but also leverage the instant international network it offers as a buyer. Your company cannot have a footprint across the world, especially for short term contracts and once off inspections.

We have both freelance inspectors and QC companies registered globally