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House Of Léon is an importer and retailer of designer furniture based in Los Angeles, USA. They specialize in the import of stylish interior design products focussing on regions, cultures, and concepts to offer a new experience in the home furnishing space. 

They like many importers in the USA have found niche suppliers all around the world, one of their leading suppliers is in Turkey, a family-owned atelier in Turkey where the mastery of woodworking and furniture construction has been passed down from generation to generation. 

This partnership has allowed House Of Léon to offer exceptional design at prices that made sense - according to their website. 

House Of Léon chose Inspexion to conduct the pre-shipment inspections of their consignments in Turkey. With their focus on quality, they needed an agile inspection partner that could report on the quality and quantity of each order as they leave the factory in Turkey. 

With different criteria for each random inspection of the furniture ordered - the open communication channel and speed of delivery were of utmost importance. With the use of natural substrates in products - inspections and especially pre-shipment inspections - where the product is in the final stage of production and ready to be exported, is vital. The reports can show any coloration deviations from the supplied sample, cracks, scratches, unpainted surfaces, and deviations in weight and dimensions. Each of these could be significant enough to render the product unsellable and would be a loss to import. 

With 5 containers leaving at 3 different times and an assortment of products to be inspected Inspexion's clear communication and help from our inspexion support staff booking these inspections was easy to work, combined with the Buyer's dashboard on receiving and verifying the reports was quick. 

This is one of many success stories that Inspexion has had over the last few months in the USA, with many Amazon FBA resellers and Retail importers using our platform to manage their inspections worldwide. With our innovative platform, our international inspectors coverage and our on-call help desk we could be the agile inspections partner you are looking for.

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