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A recent Forbes article speculated that U.S. exports might top $2 trillion in 2022, though the data would only be available in February 2023, USA exports have increased at an annual rate of better than 21%. 

With America as a developed country one can expect its exports to be diverse - but in the last 5 years, the top exports have shifted quite a few times. With Oil and Gas regularly being the biggest exporter year on year (if you split aviation into military and civilian exports) and as the world's biggest exporter of Refined Petroleum this industry was regularly in second place. 

Lower in the top 5 is where most of the shifts have taken place with Pharmaceuticals moving into 3rd position for 2023 with the brand name pharmaceutical manufacturing sector experiencing an impressive boom in recent years, with a remarkable 28 novel drugs approved for launch in 2022 alone. 

The aviation industry is regularly in the top 5 be it as aircraft parts, or military aircraft, both of which America is the biggest exporter in the world. 

The natural gas liquid processing industry reached number 4 in 2023 due to three factors.
The high demand for natural gas, the ongoing Russian war with Ukraine with the sanctions placed on Russia (one of the world's biggest suppliers of natural gas) and the advances in technology to extract natural gas from shale. 

The often volatile Soybeans market moved up into the top 5 in 2022, with almost 40 million metric tons exported in 2022, mainly to China, as they took 49% of all exports with Mexico second.

5th in 2023 is the organic chemical manufacturing industry producing basic organic chemicals, ethyl alcohol, and other intermediates used in manufacturing industries. Primary components in everyday production processes for industries such as plastics, paints, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and gasoline additives.

The United States was also the world's biggest exporter of Medical Instruments in 2020 and as the 14 most traded product in the world at $133 billion, America's share was $ 27,2 billion of this market. 

Honorary mentions for the car & automobile industry, Meat, Beef, Poultry Industry, and navigation equipment industry. 

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