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When ranking the best coffees in the world - Kenya regularly makes it to the top spot. With some of the best coffees grown with its full body and delicate, complex flavors., it ranks high worldwide.

With geographical favor and extensive research and commerce strategies, Kenya's coffee beans are amongst the country's best exports.

We were contacted by an artisan coffee roastery in Cape Town South Africa to verify their newest line of pure strain SL-28 and SL-34 Coffee from Kenya. The strains were promoted by Scott Labs in 1930 when Kenya determined the best coffee strains to cultivate. The Kenyan AA beans are the most sought-after beans in the world and are graded as such because of their size.

With the advent of newer hybrid Arabica is pest resistant but has lost its subtle acidity, and makes the original beans even more sought-after.

Being an artisan coffee house priding itself in its sourcing the coffee shop signed on to our profile and requested a supplier verification audit on their chosen farm in the Mt.Elgon region.

As our inspectors are mostly situated at the ports we took a couple of days longer to secure quotes for this audit. With an inspector willing to travel from Nairobi for 9 hours to Mt.Elgon. The audit went through without a hitch Identifying the bronze-tipped leaves of the SL-34 and sending back the report with photos of the supplier's stock and sorting rooms. The first sample batch of shipment bags was weighed and marked for shipping.

With the verification and the conformity done the central Cape Town coffee shop now proudly offers their Kenyan SL-28 / SL34 roast.

This is just one example of when Inspexion is used to verify new suppliers. If you need an audit on any supplier, get a quote on Inspexion.com.

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